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Character Relationship Chart

NOTE: Current to S04E18 - . The new version 4.8.0 is now online!

Here is the Person of Interest Character Relationship Chart. This chart has 3590 words (excluding character names), and a few dozen connecting arrows and lines on it which basically demonstrate how the characters relate to each other. I try to update this chart once every 6 or so episodes depending on the time I have available and how much more content each episode warrants being added to the chart.

How to read the chart:

There are 5 main characters that have a designated color. These are Finch (blue), Reese (red) The Machine (green), Root (purple), and Shaw (pink). On the old chart, the characters and their connections were connected directly to each other via arrows. While this worked perfectly fine, scalability was becoming increasingly problematic. In this version, 5 main characters have their own colored "trunk line". This looks complicated but in reality, the concept is very simple. If any smaller character needs to connect to any of the 5 main characters, then instead of there having to be a physical connection to them, the connection can be made by hooking in directly rto the "trunk", thus creating a connection between the characters in a logical way, instead of physically.

The reason for this design is that it prevents any line or arrow crossovers, lessening confusion. It looks complex to begin with, but once you get used to it, it's really easy to get your head around. If you look at the chart, things become a lot clearer. Despite some characters such as Zoe Morgan, and Bear being well away from the main characters they connect to, the new design means they can be anywhere on the chart and still remain connected to the main characters via the "trunk"

Instead of giving you the full 37.6MB, 600dpi JPEG to download and view, you'll view a compressed version. I've dropped the file size down to 7.9MB, while still retaining the 600dpi resolution. The only major difference you'll notice is the pixelation beginning to appear at high zoom levels. You're looking at a 15,000 x 6,000 pixel image (63.5cm x 42cm) so I recommend you view it on a desktop or laptop as opposed to a tablet or smartphone

Printing the chart

I don't want to make the Publisher or PDF files available online otherwise people will clone my work and take credit for it, thus I only make the image available. Either way, the dimensions of the image are huge so I can only recommend you print the image out onto multiple pages and stick them together, otherwise the text will be too small.

Version History

4.0.0 - In version 4.0.0, the chart was redesigned to allow for expansion and addition of characters through the trunk system (explained above). I've also shifted the mugshots off to the side because they were taking up too much space when paired with their respective characters on the chart itself. That, combined with a shift from Microsoft Word to Microsoft Publisher to create the chart, will allow the chart to grow larger than it could in Word (I was using the maximum document size in Word). Detective Raymond Terney is the sole addition in version 4.0.0. Donwload the archived chart here

4.1.0 - Minor updates to characters' statuses. Download the archived chart here

4.2.0 - Big changes with this version. The death of Carter and the revelation of Control has called for a revamp. Because Elias' relatives haven't made an appearance since season 1, I've removed them from the chart. These characters are Gianni Moretti, Gianni Moretti Jr, and Marlene Elias. Arthur Claypool has been added in anticipation of his death and future flashbacks with space left for expansion. In addition I've changed the background image from the surveillance camer image of Reese speaking ot The Machine in S01E23 to a feeds proecssing animation still shot where the millions of feeds The Machine receives are visible. I've also made the connecting arrows white instead of black to allow them to stand out more with the more complex background. Download the archived chart here

4.3.0 - Mostly incremental changes to keep up with the series as storylines move. No major changes apart from tweaks to layout and text content. A couple of minor errors have been corrected. Download the archived chart here

4.4.0 - Minor changes to several characters, along with the addition of Samaritan to the chart. I was tied between adding Vigilance or Samaritan but I went with Samaritan because it's currently the more major storyline. Download the archived chart here

4.5.0 - Most of the dead characters have been abolished, along with the character relationships that go with them. This was a really tough task given the importance those characters have played, and the frequency they appear in flashbacks. I've left Nathan Ingram and Jessica Arndt on the chart primarily because I believe we will learn a lot more about both characters in the coming season. Download the archived chart here

4.6.0 - Updates the chart for the first 6 episodes of Season 4. Notable additions are Martine Rousseau and Decima Technologies. As always there's a few tweaks to the layout and content, and I've also changed the background image of the chart to a screengrab shown in the title sequence. Download the archived chart here

4.7.0 - After an absolute blinder of a run these last few weeks I've finally managed to update the chart. This version includes mostly cosmetic changes, including employing the font used by Samaritan on the series for the character names and version information. The Person of Interest logo has also been added. No additions or removals of characters just yet, these will come in the next update depending on what happens in the 4 February episodes. Download the archived chart here

4.8.0 - Mostly minor updates with small plotlines and backgrounds added for several characters. Iris Campbell, Reese's girlfriend(?) now has a spot on the chart. Some minor layout changes to tidy everything up as well.

Download the current version

Click here to download the chart, current to S04E18. Note that the chart is about 7.35MB in size, and will open in a new browser tab. You will need to either save the chart to your computer's hard drive, then open the chart in a photo viewer, or use the zoom function on your web browser to read the text

When you're done, please share the link to this page with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc! Who knows, maybe one of the cast or crew might notice the chart and have a wee look themselves!